Post - Building a new keyboard!

Previously, I talked a little bit about my current keyboard1 and why I liked it. Well, I like the corne keyboard so much, that I’m building another one (my wife made me swear this would be my last build). This will allow me to have the same keyboard at work and home, which will be super nice.

Furthermore, it’s really nice to work with my hands and build something physical. I enjoy programming, but in most cases, code is far less tangible than building a physical object.

So I’m taking my experience building 2 other keyboards,2 and making one last keyboard.

Once again, I am making a corne keyboard. I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve for this build and going to try some new things. Here is a basic parts list.

I already have a soldering iron, solder, flux and digital multimeter, but if you want to replicate this build, you will want those as well.

  1. Post - My keyboard!

  2. I also built an Iris about 18 months ago