My previous website was based on a zettelkasten tool called neuron. I really did enjoy setting up that website and enjoyed learning about the method of zettelkasten to organize notes.

However, as time passed, I realized it wasn’t for me for a few reasons

  • I rarely went back to review my notes and pay the painful process of navigating links/backlinks
  • Not all my notes were in a condition that I wanted to publish on the internet (some were simply notes!)
  • The integration with vim didn’t actually help (my brain engages differently with vim vs Notion)
  • Neuron eventually was deprecated and also changed too quickly for a tool I only occasionally engaged with.

This final point, in particular, soured me. Their github page says

neuron is a future-proof app for managing your plain-text notes in Zettelkasten style, as well as for publishing them on the web. Read its philosophy.

Checkout Emanote, neuron’s successor! Neuron is being superceded by Emanote:

I realize that this promise isn’t wholly violated since Neuron zettels are stored in plain text md, but it was enough to make me question whether I wanted to rely on that project ad infinitum.

For these reasons, I’m migrating my website to Hugo. Hugo seems to have a large following, is written in golang and will stick around for the foreseeable future. Even if Hugo goes the way of the dinosaur, my posts will still be in plain text so migration should not be a herculean task.

Leveraging Hugo and a personal second brain in Notion, I hope to produce more insightful and longer blog posts here. This blog will hopefully be the culmination of knowledge a la Tiago Forte’s CODE framework.

– Devon

P.S. As part of this migration of content. I only plan on migrating the posts I find particularly useful or insightful. This also may also take the form of consolidating posts.